Monday, June 8, 2015

Dragons and Other Characters

What is it about dragons that inspire so much in our imaginations?  
I have included dragons in my writing.  I love to write about them, through them, all of it.  I admire their strength, and majesty.  I admire their lore and their beginnings.  I also love the mystery of it all.  I think that they are my favorite characters to write about.  Yes I said characters.  I have found a voice for my dragons. I don't want to give anything away, but I have found them to have a wealth of mystery in which to pull from, toward my stories.  I guess that is the thing that I love about fantasy/adventure writing.  You are only as limited as your own imagination.  I have found that if you, strangely enough, don't think about it too hard, and allow yourself to view the characters in your stories from another point of view you might be surprised at what they can do, and where it can take you and your story.  Even in the case of dragons.  They don't have to just be monsters, or animals.
Dragons, just the word is awesome. They inspire so much. I have found that through my dragons I can invoke all sorts of emotions, everything from fear, aggression, and danger, to compassion, sympathy, sorrow, and even wisdom.  Dragons are powerful and majestic, but I also think they are misunderstood.  
As with any characters that you write with... you only limit yourself.  
I recently read and heard that if you want to be a good writer, and improve as a writer you have to be a great reader.  I live for a good fairy tale, but I have been moved by amazing adventures too.  My writing has been described as a fairy tale with sinister undertones.  I absolutely love that.  However, I want to be a better writer.  So, even though I love a good fairy tale, I also love a good adventure, a good story, a good mystery, and even (once in a while) a good romance.  I have developed an eclectic taste in almost all aspects of my life, in my music, in the art I like, and in movies that I love to watch.  I think that opening myself up to that wide range of views, characters, and plot lines has made me enjoy writing and inventing characters and story lines all that much more.  
My thoughts are... even though fairy tales tend NOT to have dragons involved in them... I don't think it has to be the last word in it.  Open yourself to the ideas of dragons... open yourself up to everything.  You might surprise yourself.