Monday, July 13, 2015


I love Agatha Christie novels.  They are brilliant.  They are thinkers.  They make me want to keep reading, and they want me to keep writing. She inspires me.  She is also impressive.  When writing was considered a fools errand, especially for women who were not encouraged to think for themselves, let alone publish those thoughts, but she did it, and she was admired and revered for it.  She is someone I look up to, for sure.
I also find that the knowledge that she struggled to write, or had days that she simply did not feel like it brings me some comfort.  Today I am feeling down, sorrowful, and dejected.  In other words, I do not feel like writing... so here I am... writing.  I am trying to encourage myself that even if I do not feel that I have anything to say, or that I do not want to say anything at all... I can find a way to do it. It is much to easy to just allow myself to quit.  Let's be honest... it is easier.  However, is that going to get me to my goal?  Is it going to help me to improve?  Is it going to help me follow and realize my dream... no.
So despite my mood, I am trying to plug away. That is the unfortunate thing about being a writer... we don't really get the opportunity to quit, not if we want to be successful that is.  If we want to improve... we must write.  If we want to succeed... we must write.  If we want to be a writer... we must write.  It is not something we can assign someone as a chore.  We cannot ask someone to do it for us.  We cannot just stop doing it, because if we do...we will stay right where we are.
If we had any other career could we just expect to be paid if all we do is take days off?  Could we expect to be recognized for our achievements if we just didn't try?  I think not.
Does it all have to be brilliant?  Does it all have to be profound?  Does it all have to be note worthy?  It can't.  You are going to write rubbish once in a while.  Not everything is going to make sense.  Not everything is going to be worth showing to others, but does that change its value in what it can teach you?  Does that change the impact that an idea that springs from that scratching can have? It doesn't have to.
When I started with my seed of an idea for a book, it was going to be set as a children's picture book.  I started writing it with my young child in mind, but before I really understood what happened, it grew into the form it now takes as a novel. I think a writers mind is astonishing.  We never really know what we are capable of until we try.
Now. I freely admit that I am not a scholar.  I am terrible at punctuation, and understanding all of the in's and out's of grammar.  I don't know why.  I have tried to learn it... it just does not stick.  However, I think I can tell a good story.  I have a huge imagination... when it comes to writing.  I dream of seeing my book in print, but is it easy? Heck no.  I won't quit trying though, and neither should you.  
So here is your challenge.  If you do not feel like writing today... that is okay..., but you are going to have to go write something, anything.  Go and write a nonsense poem.  Go write a little in your journal.  Go write down, "I don't feel like writing today," and see what happens.  You never know where your mind will take you.  That might be enough to start a fire in your mind. Go on... give it a try... what do you have to lose?
I did it, and now I have a blog post.  I debate whether it is good or not, but here it is. Good luck and just go write something down.
If all else fails and you just really, really can't do it... then go read something... it is far better than nothing... isn't it?