Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Inspiration of Writing

I love that quote.  There are so many purposes for writing.  We can teach.  We can learn.  We can dream all through a good book.  Writing can offer hope in so many ways, through so many characters, and so many scenes.  I want to do that with my writing.  I hope that I can inspire someone to believe that they can overcome anything, whether it is slaying your own personal dragons, or just helping you believe that nothing is so difficult that you cannot survive it.  If nothing else... I want to entertain.  I love a good book that can take you on a journey.  For instance, fairy tales.  Fairy tales are born of courage, imagination, and magic.  Characters are christened by their pass through fire (literally or figuratively).  The scenes and locations are endless.  The magic is well... magical.  There are morals to learn, lessons to grow from, experiences to tickle you and moments that make you hold your breath.  I believe that is why people throughout time have loved fairy tales, (among other genre's).
Stories can change your life, your thinking, and your mind.  I grow in my understanding of others has grown greatly through stories.  How well do you truly know the people around you?  Fairy tales are a classic staple in many of the diets of some readers.  Why?  People who truly love reading can use stories as an escape.  I love to get lost in stories.  When you escape in them, because they give me a chance to focus on the lives of others and forget mine for a while.  For me... the more magical... the better.  Sometimes life sucks, and I just need a few moments outside of myself.
Reading can also be handy if you like self-help sort of books, there is probably something written about every topic or question you might have you, kind of like YouTube.  You can find a video tutorial for just about any question you might have.  Self-help books let you get more information though, the kind that cannot be covered it a few minutes.  Sometimes we all need a little advice and guidance.  Books are a great place to find it.
There are books for those of you who love learning about historical events.  I was not good in school, and I sometimes find myself playing catch up, but it feels great to learn about our history... we don't want to be destined to repeat it... do we?  Not necessarily.  I also find biographies to be inspiring.  There have been great men and women in our world who alone inspired nations.  I love learning from their failures an their successes.  Sometimes I am reminded that my problems might not be the hardest that ever were, or I might relate to a situation they had been in and learn how they overcame it.  Inspiring... no?
A good mystery, like Agatha Christy, though set in an other time period, are still excellent reads.  Not to mention that women were not exactly encouraged to be thinkers, and to voice their opinions was even more frowned upon.  Like children they were meant to be seen and not heard, but she did it.  There are examples like that everywhere.
Reading is also powerful in it's influence that it can have upon you.  It can take us through the gambit of emotions and situations.  Words can cause us to find joy and laughter, sorrow and fear, horror and relief, so many emotions.  Through reading we can even discover a lot about ourselves also.  Have you ever had an ah...ha moment?  Have you ever done that while reading?  Have you ever found yourself laughing out loud, or crying?  Have you ever found yourself getting so engrossed that you forget to eat, sleep, or move from that perfect spot?  I am happy to say that I have.
I have learned a lot about myself when I have read.  I learned that I love a good thinker, but nothing that makes it so hard you need to look up words in the dictionary to understand their meaning.  I love romance, but not romance novels... squirm.  I love adventure and have a traveling spirit, despite my geographic limitations.  I have learned that I love to laugh, but I need a good cry every now and then.  I have realized that I love unusual names, but hate when a writer creates or uses names that you have to pause and sound out a few times before giving up and moving on.  That stops me cold in a story and I loose interest.  I love a great mystery.  I love post apocalyptic stories, but I hate vulgarity and gratuitous moments written just for their shock value.  I am not a fan of swearing either... not because I am a prude (I have used them all myself "once upon a time"... I have just come to hate the sound of it all.  Finally, I love being surprised by a story that I did not expect to like.  That is always fun.  That is why I love suggestions and am always looking for them.  I have also found that there never seems to be enough time in the day.  You know what I mean?
As for my own writing... which I hope to get published one day... and I have said this in other posts... my writing has been described as a fairy tale with sinister undertones.  I really do love that.  Fairy tales are my all time favorite genre.  I read them as a child, read them to my children, and now read them for fun, and I'm trying to follow the advise of so many other authors that have said, "If you want to be a good writer... you have to read... a lot within that genre that you intend to write.  It will make you a better writer.  I have taken that into practice.  I just hope it is helping.
However, I struggle sometimes to let my creativity expand and flow.  Most days I have to force myself to write.  Blogging is helping, but it also helps sometimes if I look for something to inspires me.  Like the quote I pasted onto this particular post.  That helps tremendously to find something that triggers a thought.  Thank heaven for the internet.  There is a lot of inspiration to be had there.  Brain storming is a good way too trigger something too.  Just take a moment to look for it, talk to someone, or watch a video on becoming a better writer.  YouTube is soaked with them.  When you find something that triggers a thought... just start writing.
Writing can be difficult.  It comes with its own set of unique challenges, even for the best of us, but it can also be an adventure, whatever genre you work in.  If you are writing self-help, historical realism, fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, whatever it is, if you are passionate about what you are writing you can find joy in the process.  I personally feel like I have found my niche in YA fiction, and so happy that that is what I enjoy writing the most.  I think fiction offers a freedom that some genre's do not give so freely.  Within the parameters of fiction, which are few, I can create anything, anywhere, during any time period, with as many creatures, and scenes as my mind can concoct.  How cool is that? Others may find that hard to do, but for me... well it makes me feel alive.
There is so much you can explore when writing.  You can create hope, or drama.  You can make people think and smile.  You can inspire, cause great sorrow, or inflame anger.  You can show humor, and joy, and you can do that in any setting you can think of.  I feel blessed to be able to do that.  Who doesn't love a good talking donkey... lol... wink... wink.
Finally, when can you read?  Anywhere, and at any time... as long as it is appropriate to do so.  Like you wouldn't whip out your favorite book during a funeral, or church service, during a theatrical performance, or a movie, but just about anywhere else you can... and that is awesome.  How many devices are out there that let you take a good book on the go?  To many to count.
Quick question... because I have gotten to this point recently.  Have you ever gotten to the point when T.V. just becomes noise?  I hate that.  When it does I really do love to pick up a book, read a favorite all over again, or look up suggestions for new ones.  The possibilities and list of genres are endless.
So... my question for the day is... like some YouTubers do.... is what is your favorite genre, and what is a favorite book you love to escape into?  I would love to hear your thoughts.