Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another Happy New Year Inspirational Post: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


I am so happy to have this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year!
I don't really go in for all those resolutions though.  I think those kinds of goals put way to much pressure on you.  I think real change has to come from making small... achievable goals.  Change has to come from replacing bad habits with the good ones. What was that definition of insanity?

You have got to make some changes.  You have got to find your happiness (whether that is done through therapy... like mine)... or through hobbies, writing, drawing, getting quiet time from your life.  Take a break from the routine, or the chaos... whatever your situation is.  Some people like to exercise to relieve their stress and clear their minds (it's not my favorite thing to do, but there you go). Sometimes by having friends and family around you they can inspire you with something they say, something they tell you, or maybe their mannerisms will inspire you.  We writers tend to be observers, that alone can be very inspiring.  
I know that for me... I love being in nature.  Strangely enough I live in Arizona and it has been a great opportunity to see a new world. Coming from the east coast I thought that Arizona (or Bizona as my littles daughter used to say) was a waste land.  Just a desert and no more. However, when we got here I found it to be a wonderful surprise. Of course, some of the time it is too hot to be outside, and other times like now (because it is winter) it is too dang cold.  But most of the year it is really glorious.  We have humming birds, lizards, gorgeous trees, and cactus and other heat loving plants that really surprised me as the year changed and they bloomed. We also have roadrunners that are the most wonderful birds to watch.  When we first moved here our littlest daughter saw one and said, "Look... look.  There's a wild chicken!"  We laughed so hard.  They have retained their nickname in our family. However, we have glorious sun rises and sun sets, not to mention the random, and very cool sand storms.  Such as the Haboob that we had the first year we were here. We had never seen anything like it, and  I guarantee that a single dust devil (like a thin, tan tornado) will inspire lots of writing.
My point is that if you want it to find some new inspirations for the new year, you've got to get out and find it. Sometimes it will be something close by that inspires you, but sometimes you have to get out and search for some fresh ideas.  You have to experience life, people watch (not the creepy kind), nature watch, or take a break.  You will find your muse.  
So even though my year has carried over from the last for me with bed rest, a groin pull, physical therapy and the soon to be scheduled back surgery I am not giving up.  It is amazing what you can do for yourself while stuck in bed.  I am working on my writing, my art, my hobbies, board games and visits with my kids and husband, I listen to music, I take my medicine and then a nap... It's all go over here.  So even though I have some good reasons to whine, or complain... (which I am trying to save up for my therapy sessions)... I am still finding my happiness.  I miss participating in life, but I sure am going to let it get me down, or stop me.  So I guess my one goal, the only one I have really been able to stick too, is the promise I made to myself not to shrivel up and die.  I  promised that I would find a way to keep growing. I watch YouTube for my daily feast of makeup tutorials (so I can take better care of myself), I watch inspirational (emotionally) video's from my church.  I watch "How To" video's on improving my art and drawing skills, and finding my art style (which I might start posting... I don't know yet), and I listen to great music (dance, relaxing, or just for fun kind). I write.  I try to write... even if it is a post... it is all practice, and most of all... I just try to believe that one day I will be able to walk (more than 10 feet) someday.  I am not giving up.  So I hope if you are struggling... you won't give up either.
As for resolutions... just find your happiness... take your time.... make achievable goals, take baby steps, and just keep writing... even if it is only a crazy nonsense poem about how board you are.  You never know where you will end up.  Good luck my friends and keep writing.