Saturday, January 16, 2016


First of all... Dr. Suess is the best.
WRITING CHALLENGE:  Okay I had an idea for a writing challenge from my last post.  I thought this was a really fun, accidental idea for a writing challenge based on the fact that because of my bad back, because of degenerative disc disease, (among other problems). I am stuck in bed (except for doctor's appointments, therapy, physical therapy, and going to the potty when absolutely necessary) until I can get surgery to get an implant.  It is a pain stimulator to relieve some of my chronic and constant pain. However that is another story for a later time.  
SO... during my struggle to keep myself busy, entertained, and always learning...I thought of a great idea for a writing challenge. 
The challenge is... I want you to: WRITE A NONSENSE POEM ABOUT HOW BORED YOU ARE!
This could be so fun.  The only thing I ask is to please keep it clean... thanks.
I'm going to try to do this too, and I will then post it.
If you want me to post yours email me at: 
I would love to read what you come up with.
Good luck and happy writing.  Here's some inspiration for you... It is for me!