Friday, April 22, 2016

Be A Better Writer

I am not endorsing this company... the one posted at the top of the picture.... not because I do not like them, I just have not yet looked into them, or know whether they are still even in business, You are welcome to take a look into them and if they are good then,.,, there you go. I just loved the entire image and had to post it.  I just did a post on this blog that touched upon getting organized briefly, but I wanted to point out one more time just how important organization when you are writing it is. It is actually critical to the story. You have to keep track of settings, plot and story continuity, not to mention the characters and many settings including buildings, roads, homes, caves,enchanted forests, and other various details,and other details that I guarantee you will forget. My point is that if you want to have a great story... If you want to have a story be readable, and make sense at all.... let alone be great... get yourself organized. I promise it will help you. Thanks for checking in. More soon.