Friday, April 22, 2016

Why I Love To Write Fantasy

Why do I write fairy tales? Well... a fairy tale with a sinister undertones like story (as it has been described) might be a better question. I do it because there are no restraints when you write a fantasy. Now, I realize that not everyone believes that they can do a fairy tale, or fantasy story, but I wonder if you have really tried. 
Reasons why I love the fantasy genre are just about as endless as the things you that you can create when you start delving into the world.
First, and I guess the most important reason why I love this genre is that I love the absolute, no holds barred, exciting freedom that comes with it. Imagine, you are only limited by the stretch, strength, and extent of your imagination. You can create anyone.... ANYONE! You can create any world you can dream up. You can create monsters, creatures, animals, anything.  You can create any environment... magical, enchanted, natural, rural, urban, complex, and simple. The sky can be purple, pink, blue, or even any color you would like to dream up. The clouds can swirl and swim like penguins underwater. Whales could fly, and birds would have no end of possibility from the grotesque to the majestic. Anything is possible. Truly anything is possible.
  However, here is the glitch in this idea.  With fantasy comes pressure.... lot's of pressure. If your first book is amazing... then you have to top it with the next book. I believe that that is true of all types of writing, but it can be hard if you make something so magical, that more is expected. I understand why at the end of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling ended the book with an air tight ending.  Writing fantasy can be exhilarating an exhausting all at the same time.
There is another problem that I have found also though. It is a problem that I am sure most authors have, but is especially difficult for me, is that I have so many fantastic, magical, original and complex characters and elaborate descriptions that it is sometimes crucial that I keep notes an refer to them often. I have a friend, (who my friend... who was my editor, but suddenly went through a divorce an had to let me go on my own) taught me the importance of keeping track of everything in a chart.  I am a fan of organizing, but struggle to make it work for me. I'm working on that. Lol.  Keeping your writing organized can make all the difference in your writing,even if you are not all that good at doing it at any other part of your life, it is very important. It can make it fun too. Sometimes all I need to keep me writing is the simple reminder of what I am able to do. I am not conceited, but I do feel a spark of pride every now and then when I find a early character that I had created earlier and forgot the full details and how I described them. Sometimes it is fun. It can be a renewed discovery.
 The point that I am trying to instill in you is that fantasy writing is... well frankly... AWESOME! Heck... getting your voice out there is awesome too. Sadly, being organized is a must.  Even if it is done in a lowly notebook. Do whatever works for you, but most of all...TRY! Don't assume that you can't do something before you try.  Don't listen to the past voices of bullies.  Don't listen to a hurtful loved one who made it their mission to make you miserable. Don't let those people who never saw your potential, never saw your beauty, never saw your heart, and incredibly creative mind stop you. Nothing has the right to stop you. Freedom of speech is protected by our government and was
protected by every member of our glorious military men and women, some giving their lives for it. I want you to think about that for a moment though.... just as the thought strikes me... think before you put that pencil, or pen to paper, push that key and make that mark, or press that button and put into motion a single word, or thought until you have considered whether your words will be sending a message that will show respect for the lives of those who have come before us. Are you sharing your personality? Are you sharing your voice? Are you sharing something that matters to you? Are you telling a story. that you can be proud of? Are you sharing your creative bones,and your creative soul? Are you sharing your self?  When I write... I hope that it will reflect the best of me. I hope that you will pass on those things about yourself that are the best parts of you. Good luck, and write with a purpose that in the end... will make you proud.