Monday, August 1, 2016

Book Endorsement: Age of Myth: Legend of the First Empire #1 by Micheal Sullivan

Hi my friends. I was so excited. I have a friend who continues to pop out book after book, each one better than the last. However, I am sad to admit that I missed the release event of yet another amazing novel in Micheal's arsenal.  It is called Age of Myth (Legends of the First Empire#1).  I am really happy and in awe of his skill, imagination, and incredible talent. His books are definitely worth your time.
He inspires me so much, to keep plugging along. I had a recent setback (spine stimulation implantation surgery), but now I am getting back into the saddle, and I am so very excited.  There is nothing like getting that inspiration that triggers the kind of story that comes from your deepest insides and makes your life have new hope. 
  I was listening to some music (something that I don't do enough of) and bam... it came to me.  I discussed the idea with my family... even my 9 year old and now I am in delightfully back at it. I want to tell you about it, but you know how it goes. I don't want one of you wonderful people to steal my thunder. lol.
I am absolutely thrilled to be writing again.                                                            
The reason I started this post though was not to talk about me... this is about Michael's book. I hope that if you love fantasy, exciting adventure, epic battles and incredible story line... then you should check it out.
"Age of Myth", by Michael Sullivan.  Check it out. For more info on the book try checking out the website. It is an awesome site to find books, talk about books, look for new books to read, or just want to chat about your favorite book, then check it out. It really is fun, and you can connect easily with your friends (facebook accessible). So fun. 
Well, I hope that you will give it a look. Michael is so very talented. I envy him and he inspires me.  Thanks for your time. -Gail