Friday, February 24, 2017

New Writing Challenge

  It took me a long time to get back into writing, but I had to take care of myself for a while, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but I am working hard to get back into it.  So here I am and here I go. 
  I was writing on my other blog about patience and dreaming, and during my writing, while looking for images for my blog post, I remembered how I find a lot of inspiration in the images I see. Whether it is a video, a photo, or art I can find it triggering my inspiration. I began to wonder if that would help someone else. I thought about the complexity of dreams and the variety of ways that we dream. We day dream, we dream during our sleep, and we dream about our greatest desires, jobs, skills and abilities, and what we want to be when we grow up. We all dream... everyday. So my challenge is to write about it. 
If it helps... 
  • Lookup art, photographs, or images that inspire you about dreams, and write about it. 
  • Look at an image and imagine what it could mean.
  • What the characters, or subjects are doing?
  • Maybe think about what might happen next.
  • What are they waiting for?
  • Write down one of your dreams the moment you wake up, and then interpret them. 
  There are lots of ways to approach this challenge, but I hope that it will inspire one of you.  This is just one of many ideas. You can even come up with an idea one of your own. I wish you luck my friends. Let me know what you come up with in the comments or by emailing me at Thanks and good luck.  💝