Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fantasy Writing Inspiration

  I love art almost more than writing... well... they are tied.  I think art inspires writing and writing inspires art. They go hand in hand.  The reason I love fantasy writing is because you can create... ANYTHING! If you want magic, you can create it. If you want to hide from the monsters that live under your bed, in your wardrobe, or in your closet... you can. If you want to dance with fairies in a glade... go ahead. If you have a journey in your mind that makes your heart ache and your feet long for adventure... you can go on it. If you want to fall in love with a prince, princess, or giant... you can do that. If your dreams enchant you... you can write about them. If your hopes feel bigger than yourself... write them down.  There is no limit except the ones that you put on yourself. We don't have to be afraid of acceptance, because in the writing community... we all run with madness. Lewis Carroll gave us the mad world of Wonderland, and C.S. Lewis brought us on a magical journey to Narnia.  Anything can happen in a story and anything can be created.  So... what are you waiting for? Go write something.  I hope that this image inspires you the way that it has me. 
ANNE YVONNE GUILBERT - illustration for "The Wild Swans"